Moscow militia (police) has the reputation of being one of the most corrupted power structures. A typical working day of a district militiaman of one of the municipal Interior Affairs departments of Moscow, Vasiliya K. whose official duties include keeping law and order in the entrusted district. His duty is to register all the accidents, murders, thefts and other criminal incidents. Russia exercises the law of personal registration at the place of stay, and it is illegal for foreigners to be on the territory of Russia without registration with the militia. Thus, the vast majority of a militiaman’s time is taken by dealing with labour migrants from the states of the former USSR. They come in big numbers from economically less favourable neighbouring countries and do low-paid jobs of construction workers, street cleaners and odd-jobbers in the capital. They often live here illegally or without any right, and militia carry out raids to catch them. At the same time, personal life of Vasiliya is unsettled, and he is using work of the same semi-legal construction workers to renovate his tiny apartment.

Russia, Moscow, June-July 2009

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