The story of this young couple is a modern story of love and freedom. They met in the city of Minsk, Belarus. Together They decided to leave in order to start a new life, full of joy and adventures. They hitch-hiked to the Black sea shore, in the Crimea, Ukraine, where They dared to bring to life a dream of free life, without the hierarchy enforced by the society, without subjects and superiors. Full of energy, in the spring of 2008, They built a tipi, a house in the style of Northern American Indians, within a few meters from the sea. Winter came, She got pregnant, and in August 2008 there by the sea They had a baby girl, which They called Alice. To earn some money He was busy making piercing to tourists, and there was no getting rid of clients who wanted to have a piercing made in an exotic place. They dream to land one day in the Vanuatu Archipelago, where, they have heard it, there is the most developed and just society. Some people think They are strange, other people admire Them, but at the same time understand that would be unable to strip themselves of blessings of civilization. These young people refused to accept the standards imposed on them by the society. In the search for the new way of life, new system of values, it occurs to almost every person that maybe it is possible to live in a different society, as a one family, without envying your neighbour. Many people are thinking about it, but little dare to go on this path without fearing to lose everything.

Ukraine, Crimea, September 2009