There is a little rocky peninsula in the Crimea, fenced out by mountains from all sides – a “lost world” in the middle of the trampled, and living off tourist business Ukrainian region on the Black sea. This spot has become the last Mecca for the local “wild” tourism. There are no shops here, to get some potable water one has to walk to the spring across the rocky pass, and cell phone connection is unstable. Fed up with globalization, modern urban Robinsons flee here on their own or with the whole family, for a week or for the whole summer. They come here to forget for a while about civilization, to shift off a load of megapolis, to forget about the economic crisis problems. The peninsula is a national reserve, and there is a good chance that soon it will be shut for visitors. Although, there is even more fear that this picturesque place will suddenly happen to be in someone’s private ownership and “wild” tourists with tents won’t be allowed, as it has already happened with other similar areas in the Crimea within the last 20 years. One of the main problems of the region today is ecological; there is horrible pollution of the territory with consumer garbage which is uncontrollably left by holiday makers.

Ukraine, Crimea, September 2009