“Red Petersburg” is a photo essay about the city with one of the most dramatic and rich histories. Saint-Petersburg, Petrograd, Leningrad and Saint-Petersburg again as of 1991. It’s the city which has forever made it into history because of the “Red” October revolution, which drowned the Russian monarchy in blood and opened a new historical epoch. Disturbing red colour, a red detail in each image – was a formal thread which enabled me, the author, to tell about different faces of the modern Petersburg. The Russian “intellectual capital”, modern European center, the city-museum which has preserved its classic image, and the city of naval colleges. Its history, including the heroic defence of Leningrad and the horrible blockade during the WWII, is not just part of the city and Russian history, its part of world heritage. Starting from its foundation by the tsar Peter I the Great on the unfit for building swampy ground and its forced construction in record short time, this city, according to a European diplomat of that time, “has cut a window to Europe” and in fact opened Russia for Europe and the world. Some people say, little has changed here for the last three hundred years. Indeed, tsar Peter the Great “dwells” on an advertisement big board, Nicolas II – in the museum, and literary heroes of Dostoevsky inhabit the streets of the city.

Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 2008-2009

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